Sunday, July 15, 2007

PAR and Pragmatism

My Recent Questions:

Q: How do I do development?

A: Ask people what they need/ figure it out with them, then do it/get it. Sophistication is added in the method/worldview of Participatory Action Research.

Q: How do I do Participatory Action Research?

A: Research is a subjective exercise (no matter what ideas of objectivity conventional social sciences delude themselves with). The outsider brings an outside perspective (free from local political correctness, etc.) and offers knowledge of research methods and facilitation to the insiders. The insiders have local knowledge and complex understandings of their own situation/context. The two, insiders and outsider, can define a research agenda and carry it out together.

Q: I need a stronger foundation in pragmatism/post modern (feminist) critique of objective, positivist science.

A: Gadamer (1975) Truth and Method – From Phenomenology to pragmatism

Diggins (1994) The promise of Pragmatism, and

Rorty (1979) Philosophy and the mirror of nature

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Anonymous said...

Your third question is not really a question. It's a statement.

You would not do well at Double Jeapordy